Family Photographer in Suffolk

Children and Family Photography

Natural, Beautiful and Joyful Children photography in Suffolk and around the UK.

Happiness captured and frozen in time to cherish for a lifetime.

Childhood photography has been my passion for a long time and since I became a mother, I have used my camera on a daily bases to capture my own little girl growing up.    

Over the past seven years I have captured all stages of Childhood - from newborn, toddlers, school age and teenagers. Having done all this I felt I have confidence and knowledge how to interact with different age groups and make the session work in a relaxed but fun way. 

If your Child is shy or not wanting to easily cooperate - its fine! The best pictures are taken sometimes without them being fully aware!

Let them run free in a field, explore nature and relax into the surroundings. Extra time can betaken, little voices can be listened to and together we can make the session work. 

 I keep all family/childhood sessions very natural and relaxed. The images in essence are to capture the families natural bond and love. I want you to embrace the smiley faces, the individual and unique expressions and the family dynamics. Children grow up so quickly so these moments are to be treasured.



Here are some questions that I get asked regularly:

How do we book our Family session? 

Please get in touch when you decide to have your family session, simply sending me an email with your enquiry and little description of what type of session you wish to have. I will also need to know where you think is the best location for it and age of your child/children, how many of you will attend the photo session, especially if it is an extended family session.

At some periods of the year I am very busy with weddings and its always best to contact me at least few weeks in advance or even earlier. I have some families booking their sessions 4 to 6 months before the day, to make sure I am free on that particular weekend for them. Let’s say you want a summer coastal session one evening end of June then just send me an email and I can always send you my availability and we can agree a day and time. The same with Christmas sessions, I take Christmas booking from summer, so please talk to me as soon as you are ready. 

I take nonrefundable booking fee of £25 to secure your slot. I have 48hrs notice policy just in case something does not go to go plan, this way you don’t lose your booking fee and we can reschedule your session to some other time. 

Where is the best to have our pictures taken?

As I have mentioned previously, I love nature and lots of open space with lots of light, but it is all depends on what time a day and season we plan your session. My favorite locations are coast, light woods, fields and little quite villages. On a bright summer day, I would suggest to hide from the sun in a wood or the best is to have your session closer to the evening, when sun is a bit lower, that’s also the best time a year to do coastal evening session. Winter is completely different, first half of the day is the best for the light and I would suggest villages, fields or parks. But it is always amazing to discus and find that perfect location which suits your family session the best. 

What if it rains?

This is a question I been asked every single booking. English weather is unpredictable, and you cannot ever tell until that actual day. I would not stop a session if it’s a bit wet, but of course I would offer to reschedule if it rains heavily or during a storm, especially when very young children are involved. You do not lose your booking fee if a session is rescheduled due to weather, you also don’t lose it if you gave me 48hrs notice due to sickness (we just move your booking to the next available day).

What should we wear?

Your chosen clothing plays a huge role to your image look. Light, pastel tones and earthy colours always win in my photography style. Please avoid slogans, cartoon pictures, big signs, stripes on your clothing’s. Always think about all family together and try to match the surrounding. Summer clothing always looks good with very light colours, with autumn and Christmas sessions you can get other colours involved like brown, green, mustard and red. (Christmas sessions like brighter tones added). Please talk to me if you not sure about your clothing for that specific location and time of the year.You also welcome to go through my social media albums of images for ideas how the best to get dressed. 

How long will it take to receive our online gallery?

It generally takes 2-4weeks for me to make your final gallery. As soon as it is ready you will receive password protected online gallery, where you will be able to view, choose, share with your family and friends your images. I keep online gallery open for you for at least 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to make your choice or download your purchased images. 

Can we purchase any extras like digital files, prints, wall art etc. after the session?

Online gallery allows you to purchase extra digital files if you have not bought all the gallery, as part of your package. You also can buy prints and wall art from professional printing lab, usb etc. Your family and friends can also place orders the same way directly from me.