Natural, Happy and Beautiful Family and Childhood Memories 

Childhood photography has been my passion for a long time and since I became a mother, I have used my camera on a daily bases to capture my own little girl growing up.    

Over the past seven years I have captured all stages of Childhood - from newborn, toddlers, school age and teenagers. Having done all this I felt I have confidence and knowledge how to interact with different age groups and make the session work in a relaxed but fun way. 

If your Child is shy or not wanting to easily cooperate - its fine! The best pictures are taken sometimes without them being fully aware!

Let them run free in a field, explore nature and relax into the surroundings. Extra time can betaken, little voices can be listened to and together we can make the session work. 

 I keep all family/childhood sessions very natural and relaxed. The images in essence are to capture the families natural bond and love. I want you to embrace the smiley faces, the individual and unique expressions and the family dynamics. Children grow up so quickly so these moments are to be treasured.